Especially with the recent budget cuts, welfare has been a hot topic in the media. However, it’s pretty clear that there is a bit of confusion around what “welfare” really is.

If you’ve studied in the UK as a UK or EU resident just like me, you’ve received between £10,500 – £30,000 of government welfare in form of subsidised tuition. This is something many students don’t even realise and certainly don’t question their entitlement to.

When thinking about welfare and poverty, let’s be clear – we’re all on the same boat. Some of us are just less lucky and more stigmatised for receiving very basic help. Moreover, the money distribution points at a serious inequality issue.

The following video was created by The #GlobalPOV Project in the context of US welfare, but the concepts apply globally. If you feel like you’re the sort of a person who cares about inequality at least a little, I highly recommend you watch it. With economic inequality getting worse every year, this is not an issue which will just go away on its own.

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